Dreamweaver template update not updating pages

Is there anyway to do this, like type co-ordinates or something in code ?

Sorry if thishas been asked before Cheers Hi, I'm trying to create a website with photoshop and dreamweaver. 1 left side navigation bar and mayber a banner frame at the top, and the middle frame where the text comes.

and when i do use it, seems like the only feature to use is "layers" ( i think this "is" div ).

so currently i'm thinking that dreamweaver is built for tables. Shoot, now i feel like i've spent so much money and now is barely using the program anymore( execpt for the typing tool tip). Can't remember how I did this the first time: I need some jpg images to go into my images folder.

I seen it on a site before, i remember the links were something like "/? And the page appeared to not navigate elsewhere, the cost page was just loaded within the page i was on. and another thing: how can i make to load only the text on the orangebox when i click a side link(e.g:assus) without refreshing the hole how can i put a scroll only on the orange box so i can put a longer text and not to exit from that rectangular space?

thank you OK, i've got a comments box for my website, but I want it to be posistioned to where I want, not just above everything else on the page.

I've gotten to the point where I'm almost finished with the site, and wanting feedback from other people.

Hi All, I am a beginner with DW CS4 - and I really would appreciate some help! After this I created a number of pages from the template, which worked very well. Tested another change on the template and "updated". I haven't uploaded anything or so, only working on it on the computer...

Then I decided that instead of the simple text menu on the template, I should try make a spry-menu. How can I update the pages so that they all get the nicer spry-menu? Now, the change I did this morning did NOT show, but all of a sudden the menu now shows!!

Every time I try adding content using the tag, I get a blank page when I preview it. My code: User Form: Code: Hello, I'm helping a friend redesign a film website.

I just need to know how to keep the design of the home page when I click the link of the new web page; just with different content. Is there a way of making an area of content (such as a set of links in a menu bar) updatable so that if it is updated it will change across all the specified pages on the site?

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