Emailing back and forth dating

Is it the dreaded loss of interest or is three days not enough time to wait, if the weekend is involved. Again, I've learned my lesson and will not use craigslist anymore, so let's not get into that.

I just would really like some advice (and maybe some comfort?

Looking back I did not seem desperate in the emails nor did I respond too freakishly soon.

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So he actually contacted me out of the blue today, but there's a little back story that goes with it. In it he said he was traveling and would get back to me later that day.

Because I was sick of this happening to myself and everyone else out there, I posted a missed connection on craigslist telling people not to leave others hanging. Either way, I was excited at first, but now I have my guard up. But that was yesterday and today is virtually over. Am I getting the run-around or do you think he genuinely means well?

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