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Over the past seven years, we have worked on helping get rid of the taboo when it comes to online dating for African Americans by having open dialogue and showing proof of the effectiveness by showing couples who have met on RBL.What are some tips for creating an online dating profile that attracts compatible matches?() In Real Black Love’s poll, Charlotte was ranked the seventh best metro area for Black singles to find love.I asked Miles to try the RBL app and share her thoughts. Most dating sites on the web are “come one, come all” or have been labeled as “hook-up” apps.We also want to make sure that our community is comprised of the most eligible singles who are serious about dating.We strive to be an app where singles can be assured that they have a chance to meet someone special.In the “about me” section, many have a long list of what they don’t want in a prospective partner.

What observations have you made about Charlotte’s dating scene? Peel the layers back, get to know a guy before deciding he is not the one for you.Music and love have always been the ideal counterparts.Whether you enjoy Hip Hop and Rap, R & B and Soul, or Reggae and Jazz, Urban Crush brings happy urban couples together through the power of music.African Americans make up one of the largest demographics who online date.The thing is that we do not openly talk about it as much as other cultures.

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