Foriegn woman dating 8 simple rules for dating my teen age daughter

While this may surprise you, I never tell local women that I’m a US citizen who had spent most of his life living in the US.

Sure, in some instances, telling women that I have such an important document can indeed be an asset and immediately set me apart from the run-of-the-mill Ukrainian guy, but I want to play the run-of-the-mill Ukrainian guy as long as I can.

The difference between the two situations is one word: mission. Then, meeting a woman here or there becomes a nice side effect as compared to when you make meeting women your main focus.

A random Ukrainian guy might not have the cachet of being an exciting foreigner, but he will never suffer through the stigma of being called a sex tourist.

The same thing happened to one of my friends in New York. During a random walk through Moscow’s downtown, he bumped into a girl at a store.

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In psychology, there’s an important concept called validation. It’s rare that I would compliment a woman if she’s not pretty, but if a woman is much more gorgeous than the women I regularly date, compliments will naturally fly out of my mouth.Of course, he was happy that she liked him enough to give him her number, but call me a cynic (although I prefer a realist), the reason she probably gave him her number was because he spent all night buying expensive drinks for everyone in the bar including her, something that no regular Ukrainian guy would ever do.For all the glory about being a foreigner who’s dating exotic local women, sometimes it’s nice to be a local guy. Unlike Western men, they don’t go out of their way showing off or trying to prove anything (showing off seems to be mostly a Western thing).That naturally puts you in a weaker position right from the start.(If you need further proof, watch a few episodes of the show Of course, that’s not true in all cases, there are some exceptions (I’ll cover those later), but that’s really the elephant in the room that needs to be covered and addressed.

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