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kasart1964 ( AM): no never married kasart1964 ( AM): gave up on looking for someone after kasart1964 ( AM): terry kasart1964 ( AM): have not even had a girl friend in about 5 years or so kasart1964 ( AM): and you same?totosexy5 ( AM): i am sarah totosexy5 ( AM): i am single, no kids and never married totosexy5 ( AM): u got kids ?here is a new scammer this is a Black woman, hopeing you will beleave her in that u beleave in god, and is using this to defraud you! But I have blocked her and she can not use the site. totosexy5 ( AM): Hello totosexy5 ( AM): am ok totosexy5 ( AM): u?This is an IM meassage nigerains love it, because you maynot have time to think. kasart1964 ( AM): grate kasart1964 ( AM): what are you going to do to day?

totosexy5 ( AM): yup kasart1964 ( AM): i have to quite smoking kasart1964 ( AM): is it snowing there?Replays showed that he had used his hand to control the ball before scoring the second of his two goals.Should you trust a nigerain that Uses God in there profile? Let me tell you this I have gotten the true pic of the scammer behind the scams.He also scored five goals in that season's UEFA Champions League and six in the UEFA Cup.At the end of the season, he was bought by Chelsea as the club's then record signing for £24 million.

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