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The cool spring and the lavish aumiiiir rams Lave concurred to give the best possible development to the growing grain. None who do not so enroll and pay in the re(|uired sum or sums, will be considered members of the party or allowed the privileges aud protection of the exne- dition. engi- neers, interpreters, &c., &c., have been en- gf-'cd to accompany and serve the expedition. X.1 abundance of supplies and merchandise, minin',; and agricultural implements, will le taken out to secure the Colony against want until mother Spring. Cambrids«, aiasa., July 1, U: SS_By »»u7»l K0(' per aanutu, or $ l. ' TUl-WEEKLT PRESS— $rp*r«nnum; $J.5(i lor -ix month*; #l.:s for three month*; aoc. WEfck LT r RESS— On«eopy,oii«»y«u'.$JJ0; M« wonihs, tl.-ZS; club* at four copt M. OO, cl Lib.4 ot t 01 iwoat y coyiu A, ob« y«ftr, 4M0.0U. d otherwise leave, owing to tbi- gradual tlimininution of the Placer min-s in th« surrounding gulches, hil Ls ai'.d ra- vines.

There has, however, been rain and win 1 enough, and the great danger now is, that a continuance of the severe and frequent rain storms, vhicb have prevailed, will produce rust, &c. At Wabashaw preparations had been mids to receive Senator Norton, as the orator of the day ; bat as that gentleman fused at Richmond permission t pass the ' arrived in the morning stsge in time to rebel lines, he went to East lenne»see, i lake part in the iestiviiies of the day. Th: nking you, gentlemen, for the generous mane .-r in which you have seen fit to appreci- ate XL ; efforts, and hoping for the continncd encoi ragement of our people, I am, gentle- men, very truly, AMES L. ♦ » ♦ » » Notice to Returned Soldiers and Others U'ishing to Invest I! OBSERVATIONS BY SPECTACLES Thinsa Seen nntl Heard California. To fully comprehend the importance of this position, the reader must understaml that on bight of the Sierra Nevadas, an I OQ (be eastern line of California, there is a beaudfiil lake known by some as Tahoa, and by othtrs as Lake Bigler.

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The enthusiasm of the day, how- ever, found vent chierty in the " rhythmic movements" of the dance, and ilie energy and perspiration expended in his exer- cise may be accepted as conclusive evi- dence of the patriotism of tho W abashaw- nese. The programme, wtiich ap- peared in tfiis pa[ier last week no.*, we believe, sion, headed by our band and b v the An- carried out entire. This was followed by tlie Declaration ot Independence by Jud»on Jones, Ksq., who, in reading it, by no means iiijured his good reputation as a readtr. Many were moved to tears by his simple storj-, and all silently thanked e nady to leave Lou- isville for Fort Snelling, as early as Jnly l Oib. The travel across the mountains — in- cluding passengers two and frcm New York, and such ways — travel as business demands — is even now of immense mag- nitude, and wdl probably average the year round about 8'" passengers per day, or 2,900 annually. we here attend a comical trial before two Justices of the I'eace, turning out as rich as anrthiog ever described by Dickens. free chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily.Featuring mobile chat rooms as well, helps you find and connect with single women and men throughout the globe. I nouced on the ypeakers^ stand liishop Whipple among the clergy. All around it to the «oa;h and we.'t the wide expanse of prairiti doited with n^at white ••of tages and ttsrgeou:i li-b U ot wheat and corn, sweeps in soft green bil- lows to the hazr blue of the distant hor- Lion. In short, tbe celebration was a splendid success, and everyone left, feeling that it was good to have been there. of services commenced and continued under such unfavorable auspices. if I take a few unproducing and crippled citi- zen.^ from out our State, I am certain of their rcutmin due season, doubled in numl)crs and trebled in tbe means of a livolihuod. •4» oases Claret aad Saaterae Wlaa, »4K M oboloe brands Ci«ars. could not be'present tht) duty of 'orating" I who had staid through the day for the en- devolved upon Rev. Bailiaon, the ijoyiuent of the display promised them in resident clergyman of the Episcopal church, a talented and elo4|ueiit gentle- man, the quality of whose poiitios may be inferred from the fact that ho is a Un ion refugee from San Antoni ), Texai), where he was settled as a pasior. I am informed that the Methodist soci- ety realized about $'30 ) from the dinner and the ice-cream and lemonade sold with it. "into the cool, green country," and oat of our four walled, dingy, brick, chrysalia shell, takmg the wings of the morning, one of l)avidiion's packets, we tied down the river to Wabashaw, and thence, not with wings, through long, deep, green valleys, clothed with grain as with a garment; and t Lrough groves and oak openings and afau ge mosaic of wheat fields stretching to the far boriron of (he prairi :i border ol Wabashaw county, iiii'i \:t* upon n ewt-ll of prairie just beyond ihe de«p fringe of blui Y ranges, valley,^, oak op- niugs and brmh lands, whi.'b skirt ih^:; Murissippi lor, a breadth of twelve or titieen miles. As I have made it a rule hitherto, in personal intercouise, to ssy as little as possible about that which I cannot speak well of, sul Hce it to M} that had everything pertaining to the :elcbration been as well prepared and coi ducted as was the dinner by the Methodi it Society, and the grotesque procession ir the morn- ing, by the boys ol the town, I shouldirt have ielt 80 much like gmmbl ng to-day —the roost |noticeable leattre of the aforesaid procession being a ct ge mount- ed on a huge cart drawn by three yoke of o. Thus far I bare only served the f»over.iment and my State without holdins; any interest whatoerin those mountain territories; and if there was no other hope of recompense lor my endeavors, I should feel content in the reflec- tion that such an empire in wcnlth and popu- lation as they arc fist bccomin;;, ba^ grown o'tf. Oogalae Braady J •ft H pipes Cherry, Madeira aad Port Wlaa, •• baskets Cbampacae .

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