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Moving to a vertical integration model has also helped the company reduce key inventory costs by 60% because Kaya Shack is now growing its own flower.

Frank thinks the company can bring the cost down another 20% by improving growing practices and becoming more efficient.

“We initially thought the opportunities to expand were greater than they are,” he said. When it comes to pulling the trigger on an expansion, it’s important to ensure the regulatory climate is somewhat stable, he said.

He cautioned against branding that is too specific to one location, which can create consistency issues down the road.

“If you think you may open a second location, plan your first location accordingly,” he said.

It is estimated that over 200,000 students are currently taught by a GE trained teacher.

Charlie's final challenge to each of us was to continue his legacy of providing the highest quality education for every child through the implementation of GE.

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