Group yahoo chating sex Freeswinger chattrial

Barnes countered that once the Yahoo PR person had promised to have the information removed, Yahoo was negligent in not doing so.

Yahoo should have acted more quickly, of course, but the company claimed that there was no basis in law for the suit.

The pairs then chatted with each other for 30 minutes.

Despite the deceivers' best efforts, the majority of receivers were able to correctly identify the age and gender of the person with whom they were chatting, within a five-year bandwidth.

A woman received a phone call from a man who sought to arrange an unconventional, but apparently amorous, liaison.

After being rebuffed, the man informed the woman that her phone number appeared on the bathroom wall of a local bar along with writing indicating that she "was an unchaste woman who indulged in illicit amatory ventures." The woman’s husband promptly called the bartender and demanded he remove the defamatory graffito, which the bartender said he would do when he got around to it.

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