Hbo dating game of the 80s

This documentary is quite a wild ride and a must watch for any Orson Welles fans, or those who want a deeper look into the complexities of trying to get a film made in Hollywood.Stream on Netflix Quincy is a very enjoyable documentary on legendary record producer Quincy Jones.

From Quincy's work with Frank Sinatra, to scoring countless hit films, to producing musical masterpieces like Michael Jackson's Thriller album, it's hard not to watch the documentary and wonder how Jones managed to accomplish so much in his career. Metacritic score: 74Stream on Netflix Documentary film fans are probably already familiar with director Kirby Dick's work.

last year -- for Icarus -- it's also been nominated six additional times in that category since 2014.

Here are some of the best documentaries and docuseries to stream this weekend.

Total Film meets Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Phillips to discuss the standalone origin story, and we also look at the greatest comic-book movie villains ever.

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