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Den Ordner hlstatsinc verschieben wir in das web Verzeichniss.Den Webordner kopieren wir nun auf die Syno in den Webserver Ordner. Zusätzlich könnt Ihr auch einen eigenen User für diese Datenbank anlegen. Als letztes müsst Ihr dann noch die im web Verzeichniss abändern.Make sure you did not make a typo in your config files, also check the log folder inside the scripts folder there should be an log file with detailed errors.In the scripts folder there is a folder called Geo Lite City in there you can make the file install_executable then run it.However if the path begins // with none of these constructs, PHP will search your // include_path (as set in php.ini) (probably NOT the current // directory as might be expected! // Example paths: // 1) /usr/local/apache/hlstatsinc // (absolute path) // 2) ../hlstatsinc // -) ./hlstatsinc // (paths relative to hlstats.php) // 3) hlstats/include // (path relative to include_path) // Under Windows, make sure you use forward slash (/) instead // of back slash (\).define("INCLUDE_PATH", ""); // DELETEDAYS - How many days the Event History covers. define("DELETEDAYS", 21); // MINACTIVITY - How many days players remain in the ranking without playing.

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If you are running Cpanel you can also use this to import your DB instructions for that are here If you see any errors here STOP and go back.Diese Anleitung beruht auf der Beschreibung des Forenmitglieds AXELB.Die Diskussion zum Thema kann im Forum verfolgt werden Hlstats X ist ein Stats Tracking System für Games wie Counter-Strike: Source sowie allen anderen der Half Life 2 Engine.Ever sense the update on april 14th, my steam will not update my team fortress 2 game.All files were vvalidates succesfully, it is set to auto-update, and I have tried to delete the "tf" folder in "steam/steamapps/username/TF2", It did nothing but simply remake the file, again without updating.

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