Hotwives dating

Regardless, you should enjoy your wife's having sex with other women. My wife and I went out for drinks and dinner last night, pretty typical for us.

She showed me a bunch of new messages from the woman she is meeting up with tonight for a date.

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As she gains more confidence in her decision and that I want this too, her behavior is changing. asking for oral sex without any reciprocation or release for me. Mentioning that she was looking to date women and that I was going to remain monogamous.I imagine the idea would make you rock hard; especially if the other woman is superhot as well, and the man handles both of them very well.Funny you should mention her hooking up with a man and a woman.If anyone has any statistics on this issue, I'm ready to be dis-proofed.I don't see it on the sites I visit, which aren't gay.

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