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Kirk in Stern Trek #51: Stuttering John at the Jennifer Flowers press conference, The Dating Game with Tawney Kitaen #52: Superbowl Party #53: Who Has The Cancer Bags with Lita Ford #54: Homeless Howiewood Squares part 1 #55: Homeless Howiewood Squares part 2 #56: Stuttering John interviews Warren Beatty #57: The Stern Illustrated Swimsuit Show, Howard interviews Cindy Crawford and Van Halen #58: Howard Stern People's Court #59: St.

Patricks Day Party #60: Stuttering John interviews Bea Arthur, Club Howie with Right Said Howie and Corey Feldman #61: Howard Sterns Tribute to breasts #62: Lesbian Love Connection, Baba Booeys Birthday #63: Johnny Carstern's Tonight Show, Stuttering John interviews Walter Cronkite and Chevy Chase #64: Scrapple in the Apple Boxing Match with Geraldo Rivera vs Frank Stallone #65: The 1st Annual Sphinctie Awards #66: Hooker Howiewood Squares #67: Howard presents "Gagagains Island" starring Bob Denver (Gilligan) and Dawn Wells (Mary) #68: Hooker's Price Is Right #69: The Sternlywed Game #1: Jessica Hahn, Stuttering John interviews Walter Mondale, Kennith Keith blows smoke out his eyes Howard's Best on the E Channel 1) Ba Ba Booey loses the Gary Puppet Hank the Angry Dwarf goes on a Date Hank the Angry Dwarf in a Easter Bunny Costume Pamela Anderson promotes the Thong she is selling part 1 & 2 2) Anna Nichole Smith 1st appearance part 1 & 2 Pamela Anderson gives Howard a lap dance part 1 & 2 Ba Ba Booey gets a freckle removed from his lips 3) Extreme Fan Challenge; Handicapped Star Search; Jason loses virginity on porn vacation; Beatlejuice and Camille (wants to apologize to the world) and wants to date Beetlejuice 4) Politically Incorrect II - Beetlejuice, Carver, Gary the Retard & Slow Adam Howard farts in Ba Ba Booey's face part 1 & 2 Gary the Retard's Birthday Party part 1 & 2 5) Howard, Ba Ba Booey, Jackie measure their penis's part 1 & 2 Porn Star Jasmine St Clair promotes her Gang Bang porno part 1 & 2 Porn Stars Jill Kelly, Jenna Haze & Jeff The Drunk 6) Politically Incorrect- Beetlejuice, Crackhead Bob, Croix, Elephant Boy Part 1,2 Porn Star Houston gives a naked massage to a girl part 1 & 2 Scoot the Engenier has trouble doing Howard's music bumpers 7) Howard in New Orleans part 1,2,3,4,5 8) Pamela Anderson 1st appearance 1994 part 1,2,3 Gary Busey part 1 & 2 9) Howard & Stutterin John argue about use of the phone Wack Pack Porno with Porn Star Dynamite part 1 & 2 Hypnotized Scores Strippers part 1 & 2 10) Susan Selles- porn star and lawyer; Jennifer wants a breast exam; Sable (Rena Mero) from WWF; Jennifer in bikini, but only after staff does too.

1 & 2 (Janine's first appearance) 27) Steve-O from Jackass, Kelly Le Brock, Ralph smells Howard's Farts, Fred Quits pt1 & pt2, Crackhead Bob sings Van Halen 28) Jack Gordon, ex-husband of Latoya Jackson; brings 3 girls in bikinis to put Melrose Larry Green in a guillotine; Paul Mc Cartney pt.1; Juliette Carriega-Penthouse Pet 2000; Paul Mc Cartney pt.2 29) Juliette Carriega-Penthouse Pet 2000 pt.

2; Leila Arcieri-Son of the Beach; Fart contest; Lita and Trish Stratus-WWF; Taylor Hayes, porn star, gives contest winner a nude massage 30) Jenna Jamison and Nikki Tyler Lesbian Dating Game; Stephen Baldwin promotes Fled; Marilyn Manson and Rose Mc Gowen; Scores Girls Get hypnotized by Paul Mc Kenna pt.

With full production and narration by yours truly and a fitting sound track of songs that combine together to create the most emotional and detailed look into the Stern career of Artie Lange.

Skin evaluate girls for Playboy 22) Gary the Retard directs a porno, Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf v.

Mark Mc Grath in Rock n' Roll trivia, Gary hooks Howard up to the Sega Channel, Grillo becomes Gunga Din, Sal the Stockbroker's prank phone calls to Ba Ba Booey 23) The Real Doll, Fred has Sex w the Real Doll, Gary & Interns drink all of Howard's water, ICP argues w Sharon Osbourne, Howard interviews "O. 1&2, Stuttering John's practical joke on Jackie 25) Scott the Engineer's pushup challenge Pt.

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