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2019-09-01 PST - 2019-09-01 PST The Jokers perform unusual methods of DNA testing and get too close for comfort at the grocery store; the big loser cracks under pressure during a presentation at a children's museum.

2019-09-01 PST - 2019-09-01 PST The Jokers act fast and furiously as employees at a theme park and go postal on model citizens who don't realize they're part of the picture; the big loser tumbles and falls after antagonizing a room full of Guy Fieri fans.

2019-09-01 PST - 2019-09-01 PST Q, Murr, Joe and Sal offer up peculiar specials at a steakhouse and get creepy while helping to clean a prop house.

Plus, tonight's big loser realizes he may need his own lifeguard after making waves at the pool.

2019-09-02 PST - 2019-09-02 PST Adam explains how the idealized lawn is an unnatural monstrosity, and that the design of the suburbs slowly kills; how the racist history of suburban planning led to today's institutionalized segregation in schools.

2019-09-02 PST - 2019-09-02 PST Adam poses the question of what makes great art and shows why pieces visible to the masses are revered, regardless of artistic merit; He exposes the masters as copycats and reveals that today's art market is a moneymaking scheme.

2019-09-01 PST - 2019-09-01 PST Murr, Joe and Sal pitch toys that should be kept away from tots, face off at a market, and see spots at the mall; the big loser sticks his nose where it does not belong.

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2019-09-01 PST - 2019-09-01 PST The guys try not to crack up during a four-way face off; the guys find out that a stroll with the Gatto pups is no walk in the park; the loser suffers more than muscle failure in a major-league embarrassment.

2019-09-01 PST - 2019-09-01 PST Murr has trouble keeping his wig on; Jokers' teeth fall out on camera; learning who got roughed up by a judo champion before Murr's cocktail party punishment.

2019-09-01 PST - 2019-09-01 PST A behind-the-scenes look at who scored free sandwiches while shooting at Blimpie and which classic game inspired the Guess What challenge; Q reveals what was worse than the pain he endured during his childbirth punishment.

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The show schedule is provided for up to 3 weeks out and you can view up to 2 weeks of show play history.

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