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Independence police referred questions to the prosecutor.Porter’s attorney, Tim Burdick, had no comment about any statements his client may have made over the phone.He has refused to say what he did with the children.■ In August 2004, federal authorities charged Porter with being a felon in possession of four firearms after weapons were recovered in the Missouri River.Porter pleaded guilty in federal court to those charges and last May was sentenced to 10 years.■ Jury selection began Friday for Porter’s trial on the kidnapping charges.In the calls from the Jackson County Detention Center, Porter said the more he’s pressured to talk, the deeper he’ll dig in his heels.“I can play the game, too,” he said.“I’ll be happy in jail.”In the recordings, Porter talked very little about his children, spending most of the time ridiculing authorities and bad-mouthing his ex-wife, Tina Porter, the children’s mother.“I planned my big jailhouse deal a month before I got arrested,” he said, “so I knew I was gonna go to jail. I want to know how he can sleep with himself at night. Most inmates, Porter noted, are “worried to death” about what’s going to happen to them.“I’m living better in here than I did part of the time growing up. In another call, Porter said that he ruled the roost in what he referred to as “the psycho module.”“The guards call me Al Pacino and the Godfather in here,” he said, “because of the way I run things. I can’t wait to get to prison and get started all over, because it’s gonna be like a new school.”And in another call, Porter noted that the case had been televised on “Inside Edition” and “America’s Most Wanted.” “They call me a movie star around here,” he said. One fight erupted, he said, after an inmate asked about Sam and Lindsey.“I had a new guy yesterday tell me, ‘Where’s your kids? “And I said, ‘Hey, you don’t be talking about me and my kids.’ And I bust my hand on the Plexiglas.”Porter said he ran into the inmate later and told him, “I’ll tell you what.

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In call after call, Porter talked about how he had the “upper hand” in what he saw as a cat-and-mouse game with the law.“That way they don’t have to worry so much about finding them. I’d rather die than give them the satisfaction.”On the eve of Porter’s kidnapping trial, The Kansas City Star obtained more than eight hours of recordings of his jailhouse conversations through a Missouri Sunshine Law records request.The calls were made to a friend and to some of Porter’s relatives from early 2005 through mid-January. 05, 2006‘I can’t wait to get to prison’ AUDIOFather of missing children defiant By JUDY L.THOMASThe Kansas City Star The Independence man whose two children disappeared 20 months ago says he would rather die than reveal to authorities and his ex-wife what he did with them.“Let ’em think that they’re dead,” said Daniel Porter, in a recent telephone call from jail.

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