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She was a young nurse taking on one of Boston’s most powerful developers.Audrey Kenney charged that Arthur Winn, then 78, tried to strangle her as she cared for him in his Brookline mansion in 2017 — because he wanted Valium instead of the respirator she offered, she said.But Rollins’s office decided to drop the case against Winn late in the afternoon on April 18, without even talking to Kenney first.The Suffolk district attorney’s office, in a court filing, said pursuing the intimidation case would have a “chilling effect” on a citizen’s right to complain to the nursing board or other oversight agencies.“In every case, our decision making process is governed by the fundamental principle of fair and just prosecution.He said Kenney was still traumatized by her encounter with Winn and she was “hurt, upset, and confused” by Rollins’s decision to end the intimidation case before it began.Rollins stirred controversy almost from the moment she took office in January, pledging not to prosecute crimes she considered minor, such as drug possession and resisting arrest.Rollins has also railed against people of privilege getting special treatment in the justice system, including Governor Charlie Baker’s son, who was not prosecuted after a woman accused him of groping her on a June 2018 flight from Washington, D.C., to Boston.“Candidly, you know, not everyone gets the benefit of the Baker family when they have interacted with the criminal justice system; they don’t get to not get arrested,” Rollins said at an April 5 news conference.

This is how I typically prepare subpoenas for witnesses.The assault charges against Winn are proceeding in Norfolk County.But in Suffolk County, District Attorney Rachael Rollins quietly dropped a charge of intimidating a witness against Winn for his nursing board complaint.Rollins’s move, made without even interviewing Kenney, infuriated her lawyers, who said it flies in the face of Rollins’s public posture of standing up for victims and railing against people of privilege who get special treatment.Winn was scheduled to be arraigned on charges of attempting to intimidate Kenney on May 1.

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