Invalidating the session after 30 seconds Babblesex room chat webcam online

In the meantime the site has to stay up, hence my interest in this 'session micro-management' and the ability to reset the timeout values.I would rather not hard-code a 'default' timeout value when I can use the setting.I suspect the serializer overrides the default serializer wherever one isn't explicity specified.When I removed that service and restarted the site (Axis), it reverted to the correct syntax.In your scenario, what so you think the difference is between invalidating the session, and letting it expire "naturally".Usually when a user logs off from the site, he or she exits the browser.And if the workaround is to parse the file itself, then I'm not really in favour of that either.

:-) I am in the process of looking at all the code with an eye to memory improvement.I am investigating further now and doing more tests.I was going to try changing my use of int to Integer, but I see you 've already got Integer so I'll look at defining explicit serializers on the other objects....Everyone's heavy on advice as to how to avoid the need, but no one really wants to answer the question.I know you're trying to be as helpful as possible, but please, if you're not going to answer the standing question, please redirect your advice to another forum or topic. If you remove the information from the session, it's not going to be any significant resource problem.

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