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You can't blame Apple for you not reading advice prior to installing. And backing up doesn't have to be hard; just make a copy of the soon to be upgraded folder to the documents folder.

If it goes down hill from there, just trash replace the copy over the corrupt and try again. Let's face it -- the advice to make a backup is tossed out routinely by most software manufacturers just to cover their butts should something go wrong.

If you wish to revert to i Photo 4, please check this link: You will also need to do this before installing i Photo4. You DO NOT want to delete it, because that is where all your pictures are.

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Simple, to the point and would have save this person a ton of time.

And then, because most software installs go off w/o a hitch, the advice to first make a backup becomes regularly ignored by (I suspect) most people.

Instead it seems that there was an additional problem here that was unique and that Apple would have been better off to address with a prominent warning.

(I think this failure is similar to that of Apple's not warning folks specifically that trying to install Panther on a CRT i Mac w/o first updating its firmware could so damage the i Mac that it couldn't be used without a repair of some sort -- an event that's happened to two people I know, one who's quite computer savvy.) As I say -- just my 2 cents." ( well.... If i Photo 5 is unable to read the corrupted library, maybe i Photo 4 can (? Of course there is the possibility that i Photo 5 may have further corrupted the library when the upgrade was attempted (my guess).

If you were able to work with the (corrupted) photo library before, then possibly there's a chance you can access the photos again this way. Gy7Kadfs [email protected] If you are wary of trying anything, or do not know how to proceed, then I would strongly consider taking your powerbook to a data recovery specialist, in the hope they know how to extract these files. Important Disclaimer: Answers and comments provided on Google Answers are general information, and are not intended to substitute for informed professional medical, psychiatric, psychological, tax, legal, investment, accounting, or other professional advice.

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