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In case you joined us late or would like to share this show with people in your life, I’d like to remind you that today’s radio show will be archived and available as a podcast on Intersections Match’s website, which is It’s the best online training you’re going to get on the web. I’d like to thank Jackie Warner for joining us today. Once again, if you’d like to learn more about the insights that Jackie has been sharing with us today, her book is entitled This is Why You’re Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever). Jackie Warner, do you have a website that you’d like to direct our listeners to as well? You can go to Jackie for tons of tips and very affordable online training. Jackie Warner (): For people who are really overweight, I want to speak to you. Jackie, I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. Is there any last thought or take-home message that you’d like to leave our listeners with? I understood at a very basic level that my thoughts and the energy that emanated from those thoughts could move mountains or start fires. Jackie Warner (): That particular chapter took me an hour and a half to write.

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Within a year, Jackie opened her first health center, Lift. “Long before I developed Meta Physiques, I knew I had its power; a power that I practiced.

You will create the body you want starting with your own personal dialogue about yourself.

Can you share with our listeners one of your favorite success stories among all of the clients you’ve worked with in the last several years? I didn’t really have a passion for what I was doing anymore.

The food industry conspires to make us overweight in this country. I want to tell this to people, especially over the holidays as they’re looking at foods more closely. Do email me with topics you’d like discussed in future shows.

There are a couple of small things that you can do to take control. You have to really watch that food industry and not believe the deceptive labeling that they give us. Jasbina Ahluwalia (): Everyone, I appreciate you hanging out with us.

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