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//-------------------------------------------------------------------------- function is Valid Date(date Str) //These functions go between the tags.

//Begin function checkdate function checkdate(input) //Begin function button1_onclick //This makes sure that even if it somehow got past the original error check, //the report won't run unless the date format is correct.

function Validate Form(ctrl) //-------------------------------------------------------------------------- //This function verifies if the start date is prior to end date.

//-------------------------------------------------------------------------- function check Entered Dates(stdateval,endateval) //-------------------------------------------------------------------------- //This function validates the date for MM/DD/YYYY format.

Finally, to re-iterate what I said before, better design for you but not for me, or the other poster below or anyone else who needed something different to what you do.

For example, in my application I wanted real birth dates and I was targeting younger people of similar age to myself, so a birth date of Thank you for pointing this out to other users but what you call a bug, I call intended design Unusual, I know and probably worth other users noting, sorry if this caused you an issue.

Ed Yeah sure I can So when developing a small web application it is very easy to copy/paste code from one place to another and just make sure later that you change all the copies if you ever want to change something.

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I think that this check shall be done outside the function as its purpose shall be any date validation only. Though, the part I consider a real amelioration is the auto detection of indexes.

Really that line just depends on what you want to be the max year. For what I wanted, I didn't want to allow the current year.

By Tom Flynn, Sun Gard Higher Education, and Jeralee Seaburn, Hercules Tire Problem: Started in a Focal Point post, the question is, how to validate Date (calendar) controls in a guided ad-hoc HTML page?

Not so sure about the extra parameters - too much risk for inconsistency within an application I fear.

However, I could make them optional parameters which would work quite nicely - I will look into doing that too, at some point Thanks for your feedback - glad you found the code useful!

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