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They were a year-long phenomenon throughout 5778 – the year of #Me Too.The issue has been so dominant that as the High Holy Days approached, a group of rabbis and scholars were inspired to come up with an addendum to the traditional Yom Kippur prayer, adapting the existing confessions with lines like: “For the sin we committed through inappropriate use of power.Cohen had enjoyed a long and illustrious career, including prestigious appointments at Hebrew University and Hebrew Union College.He had conducted studies for many Jewish organizations and served as a consultant on the Pew Research Center’s 2013 survey of American Jews.

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Then in December, United Synagogue Youth – the youth group of the Conservative movement – cut ties with its former longtime director Jules Gutin, after former youth group members accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior.

“Pursuing justice and pursuing it justly is one of Judaism’s core obligations,” said Keren R.

Mc Ginity, speaking at a recent interfaith forum on #Me Too in sacred spaces.

Mc Ginity said in her speech she was pleasantly surprised by “the abundance of gratitude [from] women and men from every sector of the global Jewish community,” and the extent to which academics and Jewish organizations stood behind her.

She also drew support from #Gam Ani (Hebrew for #Me Too), a movement that emerged almost immediately following the Weinstein revelations and grew throughout the year.

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