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The bank determines your interest rate, fees and rewards, so it’s important to find a bank that offers a card you like.

Transactions are processed on a payment network, like Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Here’s a breakdown of how to read it: This is the interest rate that will be charged on anything you didn’t pay off the month before.

Since the deposit reduces the risk to the issuer, credit card companies are more willing to give these cards to people with bad credit or no credit.

To qualify for the best credit cards, you need good to excellent credit.

As a result, high rewards rates and low APRs are often out of reach for young people just starting out, whether they’re in the workforce or still in school.

If you have a rewards credit card, this portion will spell out exactly how you earn and redeem your rewards. Many credit card rewards programs are fantastic, giving you cash back or points you can redeem for things like free travel.

But others aren’t all they make out to be — paying minuscule rates or giving you rewards only for crummy merchandise you don’t want or gift cards you’ll never use.

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