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Secondly, if Zuma doesn’t win in ’09, he has another chance only a year later (instead of four years later!

) And CMs Hahn, Wesson, alar CON, Huizar and everyone else who foolishly thinks they have a shot against Zuma Dogg in ’10 is hoping for the same outcome.


If the paypal link doesn’t function, you can email to [email protected] you HAVE paypal.

So I say, “Great, well Matt promised me ten minutes as soon as he got back”, so since he’s not here, and you want performers, I’ll start.

…they wanted it to be the person they wanted it to be.

So I said to Rob, you don’t have a problem with that? Mayoral Election in 2009 and my hopes of Antonio Villaraigosa becoming Governor of California were shattered.

He said, “I’ll tell you what I DO have a problem with…(un-audible) incense.” I let Rob know that if anything, now it is an issue of a guy on a ladder throwing knives into the crowd on the beach grass. You see, Villaraigosa wants to win the mayoral election in ’09; sit in his office for a year; then run for Governor in ’10 (after only serving a year of his term).

If not…I’ll blog hard to put out the REAL info that may cause him to have to step down before the next election.

So stop by, pick a few things up off the table, and throw in a dollar.

They’ll try and get more money out of you, but they’ll understand.

(He’s back on the beach and you can pick up a whole bunch of his product and since it’s donation based, just pay him as much as you feel.) Now that Villaraigosa’s LAPD/Parks & Rec shut Zuma Dogg down, I’m in serious financial trouble today. You can use credit cards, too, even if you don’t have paypal.

If you donate , I’ll send you a shirt, or give it to you at City Hall.

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