Life of an architect dating an architect

Hopefully, after you read this you will be even more compelled by the craft and ready to enroll.

There is really no way around it, if you want to be an architect then you have to receive a higher education.

Of course, you are a student who, we are sure, has very little money to travel the world, but there may be some amazing architecture at your front door.

For instance, if you live near Chicago, here is a list of the top 40 buildings to visit, and if you are lucky enough to live in London, then visit St. Here is a list of 22 world famous buildings—check it out and see if you live near something inspiring.

Here is a list of the basic math skills that will be expected of you in college (note this list is not exhaustive).

It is a competitive market and the more exposure you have to working architects, the better.

This is a personal experience that many students of architecture have described, so know you are not alone in this desire to yell, The book, The Life of an Architect, offers some sound advice for up-and-coming architects.

Perhaps read the book, take a deep breath, and stick with your studies, ignoring the sensation to give up and head for the hills.

Image Source: Moore Design Group Delving into the past is always a great idea, no matter what career you are interested in pursuing.

Everyone can learn a lot about the past greats in their fields of study.

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