List of david deangelo dating gurus

Basically, Adam Grant's Net2Bed teaches you how to write a good profile, how to avoid the cliches and avoid being a typical AFC online. Some of his material is pretty corny, and IMO it sets you up to be a provider online.I also don't like his idea of a good message to send to women.Style says he uses a sketch of himself, rather than his real picture.And there's a guy named Chet, who claims that a girl flew all the way from Canada to the U. If you're experienced in online dating, David D's product won't help much.Blackdragon's volume 2 is great if you're experienced with online dating.You'll learn a few tricks that will help you out lots.When I read the ebook, I found that I already knew a lot of the stuff that he talks about in it (e.g.

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I'm looking at my notes right now, and surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.Blackdragon Volume 2 (Improve your online dating results): This ebook was a great read.Blackdragon goes into the more advanced stuff with online dating, and I learned so much about being better online.including interviews which basically every dating coach out there.It seems David is moving into the “make money online” niche and slowly getting away from the seduction focus.

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