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This page is very popular and receives over 30,000 hits a month from all over the world. a green light and yellow light flashing ZCv BI/AAAAAAAACT4/TNmpt ERTF1A/w850-h478-no/ip1and in my Router i can see Green Light T3nj37z-GOc_p0LGYNJ5Bsh Kf KRt Z-Gh Hpx Hk Rg=w850-h657-no I download Android app YIPC :

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Please report bugs and suggestions to [email protected] to and review some of their port forwarding tutorials so you understand what it is you need to do for remote access. I setup one camera a couple of weeks ago, works ok, slow to react, but does what we need.Setup a second camera today in another part of the house."I tried to enter the IP camera with No success " That would be correct, you should have no connection to that ip address if your network is 192.168.1.x Why did you pick that ip address?"Do I need to make MAC L3k Jy7Ks5Vr6c Na JSe TXVr Mo Tqkndq Df6bz Y=w657-h501-no but i get "This page can’t be displayed" ANKr A8/VE8PBe-su0I/AAAAAAAACVI/0FOFQ6F6Vss/w819-h453-no/cam6bleepingcomputer admin do not let me viewing the images so i add them like a link Please Help I can for the First Time enter the Ip camera setting!

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