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The most outstanding landmark of Pampanga stands at the heart of Arayat.The Mount Arayat National Park offers a historical yet contemporary vacation experience.Arayat is generally a plain or a level land, except the areas where Mt.Another point which must be mentioned here is that the killing of the Eastern soldiers was indiscriminate.The people of Arayat showed abhorrence to the coming of the Spaniards and other invaders.

National Geographic, SUCCESS Magazine, Positively Positive, We Love Jesus, Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, HINDI PORKE' T NASA ABROAD AKO, MAYAMAN NA!A present-day researcher claims it obtained its name from the biblical Mt.Arayat stands and its vicinities, with a type I climate and two distinct seasons: dry and wet.When it comes to architecture, Arayat exhibits classic and exemplary designs of its illustrious parish church and memorable national park.Nino (Tabuan), Suklayin, and Telapayong, not to mention subdivisions that sprout outside the town proper among which are: Fidela, Guemasan, San Nicolas, Aliwalas, Castillo (Bitas), and Leonor Subdivisions.

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