Mike patton dating who is sam witwer dating

Her parents separated when Candice was just five years old.Since her school days, she started to showing interest in drama and acting.I think about how nice it must be to buy a bunch of useless crap at ones lesisure--still not looking at the guy (as is typical customer service as far as I'm concerned--why do I gotta look at yo face? About the third DVD, which was Rosemarys Baby, I think I asked the guy something to the effect of "Did you find everything ok." And who do you think is standing in front of me..you're a quick one. I recognized immediatly because of all the pictures J had shown me. He looked pretty damn hot in the pictures I had seen of him, but the live version was WAY better. "J is gonna be so fucking pissed about this." I had to do something.I began trying to maintain my composure as I continued to ring him up. I tell Patton his total, he hands me money, and as I hand him change, I finally manage to get out the sentence, "I'm sorry, but could I please get your...autograph--for a friend." As the words left my mouth, I felt like the worlds biggest douchebag.He made me promise that if said event ever occured, I would attepmt to call J on the phone, or if not possible, at least get Patton to sign something."Sure, yeah, great, whatever..." I said--knowing at my cynical core that this would never happen. It was a slow--middle of the week/day kinda thing, and I was pretty much the only person on the third floor (which was the DVD/movie/book floor for anyone who cares), and there are a few customers.

"Oh--yeah, sure," he says, so nice I think I might blow my brains out, "Whats his name." Patton actually signs J's name and everything, gives me a smile, says thanks, and walks to the escolator and out of my life. After that day, I started to actually listen to Mike Patton's music, and it WAS really good. He is actually a pretty respected vocalist and has been involved in SO MANY diffrent bands/projects/records since fucking Faith No More--and continues to be. He can sing the shit out of anything, and he arranges/produces pretty much everything he puts his name on.Everyone there was pretty cool with eachother, so the first floor would call someone on the second floor, who would call someone on the third floor, who would call someone else back on the first floor (and so on), if and when someone came in.The guy I was dating (I will refer to him as "J") had to quit working there, but he was convinced that someday Mike Patton would come walking in the store and he would have missed his chance to finally meet the guy (Mike Patton lives in the Bay Area).Favourite songs: "Falling to Pieces" "Midlife Crisis" "Everything's Ruined" "A Small Victory" The other song I really loved was the "Bill & Ted's" song (I can't remember the title). " It's Perfect Crime I realy like Angel Dust, Album Of The Year and King For A Day.My favorites songs are The Real Thing and Zombie Eaters.

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