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This topic should be on your lips when talking to friends, co-workers, or anybody else.You should not look into dating a musician unless you are actually interested in music.While some musicians are alright with dating non-musicians, they still want to date somebody who respects their music and finds it interesting to talk about.You can meet single musicians and possibly land a date with one if you keep some things in mind. Musicians often meet up with other musicians or go out alone after shows to chat and hang out or do some writing.They do not usually go to clubs because they are too loud to think and write.But look into some of the quieter local hang outs and you are sure to find musicians.As Australia gets set to celebrate UNESCO’s International Jazz Day at the end of April, Elite Singles’ dedicated research team decided to ' Take Five' and get familiar with the country’s musical tastes.On the back of surveying over 500 Aussie singles registered with our dating site, many of whom are fully fledged music lovers, here are the good vibrations emanating from the ‘land down under’.

Often regarded as the ‘Queen of Rock and Roll,’ Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks proved she still features in the Dreams of Aussie singles as she scored 26% of the vote.

Believe it or not, 79% of the people we surveyed said they’d find it romantic if their partner sang to them (though the remaining fifth said it would end in sheer embarrassment).

Interestingly, a quarter of men said they’d willingly learn how to play an instrument in order to impress a partner. If you’re going to master an instrument, which one should you choose?

Of the music lovers who voted in favour of gigging, the majority (27%) said that a rock concert would be just the ticket.

For those not partial to rocking out, pop concerts came in second place (17%), whilst smartening up and enjoying a classical performance took third spot (14%).

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