My ex dating ugly guy

Either get her back as your GF, or let her go to find love elsewhere. Bottom line: You can only string someone along for so long until the string snaps.

If she is “your person”, I suggest you commit to her, move in together, and let her cuckold you. Your feelings are telling you it’s the right thing, you messed up by not committing before, so fix it.

So my long time gf and I broke up a couple of months ago but have remained pretty close friends and still spend a lot of time together.

I always assumed we would get back together because we were very attached to each other and best friends.

I thought she would come home around midnight and she has told me she won't be gone long but each time she stays until morning. She likes this guy very much and wants to devote her energy towards him.

She has keys for my ex’s house so she had simply let herself in. My ex was just pouring me a glass of wine and I was sort of behaving in a slightly proprietorial manner, which was of course completely out of order.

We got home very late and I slept at her house and the next morning licked her pussy while she told me about their relationship and the sex they had.

She said she hadn't really mentioned me at all to him and didn't know if she would or how to explain it. I guess I kind of assumed that things would be like before with her coming to see me after being with him and doing a cleanup while she rode my face, Unfortunately, that hasn't been happening. I have made a point to be more attached and helpful and have been staying at her house to be with her kids while she is out with him. She apologized but is also very confused and doesn't know what to do.

In the past we played around with her sleeping with other guys once in a while and it was incredibly hot for me.

She always wanted to move in together and settle down with her two children but I hesitated. I recently sold my business and planned to start traveling.

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