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(Her name has also been changed to protect her identity.)In Libya, she was locked inside a building and forced to work as a prostitute while she waited for her passage over the Mediterranean to Italy.“In my own connection house, we were more than 11 girls," she said. The madam brought the men inside.”Eventually, instead of getting on a boat to Italy, she was deported by plane back to Nigeria — and for that, she considers herself lucky.Now, she’s training to be a caterer and living with her mother and two children.“I prefer to stay back in Nigeria because there is nothing to do in Europe — apart from prostitution,” Blessing said.The neighborhood landmarks serve as constant reminders of the problem Joy grapples with daily: There is no work here. She was told she owed them more than €20,000 (,427) for the journey and was forced to work on the streets of Parma as a prostitute for several months to pay off her debt.“I was told there was a lot of work I could do,” Joy recalled. I don’t like it.”Joy, whose name has been changed for this story, already tried leaving Nigeria once. A friend of the family offered her a job working as a nanny in Italy.“I prefer to stay here in my country and make a better life.”After Italy struck a deal in 2017 with Libya to stop migrants and refugees from reaching Europe, tens of thousands of people have been turned around at sea and taken to detention centers in Libya, or sent back to their countries of origin, according to Amnesty International.But that hasn’t stopped the lucrative trafficking and people-smuggling business.

" Click on the text in the box below to watch the video on BBNaija Instagram page bigbrothernaija_live: View this post on Instagram BBNaija Housemates Khafi and Gedoni doing The Iduplorplor under the Duvet!!! - Send a DM to advertise ur business on this page for just 3k Naira (Promo) . Joy walks along an overgrown path winding through a village on the rural outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria. Joy was thrilled to get the offer — she already had two children, and her young family needed the money.She points out a few shops that have closed and a big house on an overgrown plot owned by somebody who has left for a job overseas. But when she arrived in Italy, she quickly realized the people who had helped her sneak into the country using somebody else’s passport had a different plan in mind.As crossings from Libya to Italy have decreased, the route to Europe has moved west to Morocco, and crossings to Spain have risen.Not far from Blessing’s home in Benin City, where traffickers have been actively recruiting women for years, an unmarked shelter sits on a dusty, quiet street.

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