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Lithuanian can be regarded as a very early language by its structure and vocabulary similarity to proto-Indo-European, but Basque can't be treated in this way.

All that can be said of Basque is that it was there when the speakers of Latin got into Spain, and that it wasn't a descendant or relative of Iberian, the extinct language spoken over much of Spain.

Lithuanian is tonal, unlike any other modern European language.

I'm sure everyone's dying to know the name "Hannibal" is very common in Spanish as "Anibal." Accent mark and stress on the second syllable (or more accurately, the penultimate syllable).

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There is a similarity to Illyrian, words of which were recorded by Roman and Greek authors, but Illyrian isn't the ancestor of Albanian.

Similar problem to Basque, except that Albanian is definitely Indo-European, although in a group of one within that family.

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