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After a lot of discussion, we could find no holes in his theory; it seemed like he was entirely right.

He’s a psych major which lends even more credibility to his statements, but basically he said that because we don’t have sex with a girl when our relationships have reached that stage we cannot keep her and that God designed male/female relationships to take a certain course of action in a certain sequence and that it is very hard to frustrate that course of action and not have a breakup.

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The enormous effort he puts in to make this relationship work is inspiring and unlike what any other man has ever done or has had to do for me.Your friend acknowledges that, but believes (or implies) that the point — the end goal — of the relationship is sex. Sex is part of the natural progression of the guy/girl relationship, but it is not the point.If it is made the point, it will fail over and over and over. Typically, a relationship follows the natural progression of ever-growing intimacy until it reaches the point of, not sex, but — lifelong commitment.Assigned sex is often referred to using the acronyms AFAB/AMAB (Assigned Female/Male At Birth), FAAB/MAAB (Female/Male Assigned At Birth), DFAB/DMAB (Designated Female/Male At Birth) or CAFAB/CAMAB (Coercively Assigned Female/Male At Birth).CAFAB and CAMAB are particularly used within the intersex community.

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