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Canoe Sprints involves a race between competitors who are seated inside canoe boats.Each participant uses a single-blade paddle to steer their canoe and power it forwards in an attempt to reach the finish line in the quickest possible time.Contestants have performed in various events during this time, although modern athletics typically involves sprint, hurdle, relay and walking races, as well as jumping competitions (high jump, pole vault, triple jump, long jump) throwing contests (discus throw, javelin throw, hammer throw), and decathlons/heptathlons.These combine a variety of different track and field events.Boxing is a combat sport contested between two people within the confines of an indoor square-shaped ring.Both participants wear protective gloves and strike one another to score points for a number of “rounds” (pre-determined chunks of time, usually a few minutes).Basketball is an indoor court sport played between two teams – ordinarily with five players on each side.Points are scored by “shooting” an inflated ball through a hoop with a net – and the exact number of points acquired depends on the position from which the ball is thrown.

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Badminton has been played at the Olympics since 1992.

Diving athletes propel themselves from a springboard from height into a pool below, performing acrobatics whilst they are airborne.

Divers are scored based on their ability to execute a particular dive with full control, with each judge marking the dive out of ten.

Participants ride specially designed mountain bikes (which were developed and popularised in the 1970’s) when competing in a race.

Mountain biking made its first appearance at the Olympics in 1996, and has remained a part of the games ever since.

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