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It really was driven by just a playful desire to screw with her head a little, before I eventually told her about them.

I thought the most I might ever catch her doing, was maybe using her vibrator on herself while I was away, and if I caught her at that, I intended to call her, choose that moment to talk dirty to her, and maybe have a little phone sex.

I never caught them doing anything unsavory, and before anyone gets upset at me for even spying on them in the bathroom, I only had one spy cam in there, in a fake smoke detector on the ceiling, and that didn't reveal anything of a private nature, when all they did was pull their pants down, or dress up, to sit on the toilet.

Of course we had plenty of booze, and our friends brought more.

I did call her, and we did have phone sex, which is something that my wife had almost never done the entire time that I had known her.

But since I "caught her", in the act, at a particularly horny moment, she was game.

Of course she thought it was just coincidence, she had no idea that I could see her!

About a month after she was home, my wife and I, decided to throw a party with a few close friends and blow off some of the steam of the last year.

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