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To make browsing a bit easier, our list includes: Your next family game night is going to be a blast! These are easy family games you can pull off under almost any circumstance! I suggest keeping this list as a reference so you can easily find it for your next family game night! Grab some pencils, papers and get ready for some laughs.It always keeps my kids entertained and we have fun thinking of different 5-letter words and categories to use. We also have a Spouse Scattergories Game that is SO fun! Make it more interesting by adding rules like: if you guess a wrong letter you have to do a silly task. Choose a category (like movie titles or book titles) then each player writes down 3-4 things that fit the category on slips of paper and put into a pile. If your turn ends and they haven’t guessed the current slip yet, put it back in the pile for someone else. Put papers back in the pile and start the next round. You set the categories and determine how many points you need to win! When we were little, we would play hide and go seek in the dark, at night.This is a game that everyone has probably played at least once at a party but it’s also a quick and easy, last-minute, family game. At the end of round 4 the team with the highest score wins! Round 2: You can use one word or sound effects only. If your teammate guesses correctly before the timer runs out, you get a point! When the person seeking got close to the person hiding, the hiding person would jump up and scare the seeker!

The person being pointed at then has to make that sound.

It is hilarious to see how it changes with each reenactment. For full rules, download the free print and play version from their website (Download Pn P)! In this classic family game, one person is “it” and covers his/her eyes and counts while everyone else hides.

The “it” person then goes and hunts for the hiders. Everyone stands/sits in a circle and there is one person in the middle with their eyes closed.

Have everybody answer by going to the side of the room that correlates with their option. Not a family game, but we have a Bedroom Edition and it is FUN! You take a cup, fill it with flour (pack it in tight), then turn it over onto a plate and carefully lift the cup.

You will have an upside-down, flour-shaped cup on the plate. One person on each team covers their face in shaving cream. We’ve got the ultimate list of 101 Fun Family Games you can buy!

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