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Monday in Dubai marked the end of the official grieving period for Sheikh Rashid, the fast-living eldest son of Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed.Rashid died, age 33, of a heart attack on September 19, according to the official account.Indeed, Qatar Airways gives over entire jets to the transport of cars to and from the Middle East in the summer.“It is utterly bizarre,” says one London-based aristocrat.

While it is predominantly males who live the high life in the West, the royal womenfolk of the Middle East are not above a bit of high-rolling in Europe’s capitals.—parked outside landmarks like the Dorchester Hotel, Claridges, and Harrods.The playboys, from oil-rich countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait, fly the prized vehicles to London for the season, at a cost of around ,000.Did Majed Abulaziz al-Saud, a 28-year-old Saudi prince, sexually accost five women at a Beverly Hills compound, as police are now investigating, and which The Daily Beast reported Friday?This scandal broke following the end of another reportedly scandalous life.

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