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I would hate to see the software boffins working on this request ahead of other more important improvements that are needed to address fundamental faults.DP-P1 & DP-P2 x 2, 01.05/07.350 Samsung PS64E8000, Pioneer 508XDA, Ice TV, Yamaha RX-V3800a, Toppy TRF-2400, Foxtel IQ3, Harmony 1100i, Digitech HDMI switch, Beyonwiz DP-H1 , FW , 320GB Maxtor USB HDD, 42" Panasonic G10A, Yamaha RX-V795a, Foxtel IQ2, Harmony 785, WDTV Live x 3I'll stick up for Beyonwiz here.As you've noted, the firmware introduced EPG caching, so the data will then be available for your perusal upon subsequent startup. To load the EPG data, you can create multiple 'view' timers to wake the 'Wiz up from standby at a time when it's not normally being used (e.g.

As far as the multi-channel EPG is concerned, that? too much information is trying to be displayed on the screen.

Hi Guys, Neither my DP-P2 or Sony Bravia automatically populate the EPG after they have been turned off.

I have updated to the latest firmware on the PVR and at least it now stores the guide but I do'nt think it is updating unless I specifically select the channel.

3.2 Schedule Scanning A single tuner receiver may be able to scan available services while in active standby to update the schedule information similar to scanning for a system software update (refer to Annex A of Free TV Operational Practice OP-46 [5]). I reckon the MAJOR improvement is HDD caching of the EPG data.

A receiver with dual tuners could scan available services for schedule information with the alternate tuner when available. A daily (or as many times as you want) view timer with a few minutes on each network ( 5 networks x 3 minutes each = 15 minutes) will give accurate enough data as soon as the Wiz is switched on.

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