Pantyhose chatbot

However, there is no picture on the site, not even of Sly Stallone.When I contact the makers, I do get a response – promising that an ‘updated’ Rocky is, er, in the a great new service which basically allows you to create your own chatbot for free.

However, more sinister is the fact you can dumb her down and shape her personality from 18 traits – even jealous, moody, or ‘frigid’.However, when I tried contacting the manufacturers, to discover whether these dolls do anything other than just lie there and think of England, I am met with a wall of silence. Paying £5,000 for a shop dummy isn’t my idea of fun.The nearest I got to finding a bona fide male sexbot is Rocky, which you can pre-order.However, if you don’t fancy sloppy seconds, you can buy your own bot.Doing their bit for Europe, all Lumi Dolls are certified by the EU. Some of her sisters have ‘cow’ versions – featuring overly large breasts.

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