Parent influence teen dating

There is nothing simple about single parenting, and that includes the complexity of wanting to start to date.

After children enter their teen years, parents wait with trepidation as their child starts to show interest in dating.

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Come adolescence, it can feel awkward, even embarrassing, to begin dating and have a parent who is also starting to date.

To give parent love to a significant other inappropriately treats that man or woman as a dependent child.

The nature of the conflict is in the title: single parent—between wanting to be a SINGLE person free to date and find a significant companion, and wanting to be a responsible PARENT by honoring family commitment to one’s children.

One outcome of this conflict can be an honest ambivalence.

Sometimes the single parent can feel like having children is a mixed blessing when their needs or demands make it difficult or impossible to cultivate a serious adult relationship.

This conflict feels like a double bind because it often is when satisfying one want sometimes comes at the expense of satisfying the other.

To make time for dating and developing a serious relationship can mean energy and attention taken away from parenting; while putting offspring first, treating children as a top priority, can mean finding and keeping a romantic interest a secondary concern.

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