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As well as being a playwright and screenwriter, Williams appeared in a number of well-known independent and Hollywood films and was among the celebrity guests in the last episode of season 4 of Friends, '"The One With Ross's Wedding"'.

Living with his wife Polly Samson, they are working on building a mansion in Hove along the seafront, with work started in 2017.He used to run legendary parties on Brighton beach, until the council got involved.The event in 2002 on Brighton beach gathered around 250,000 people, as the beach became a sea of happy Brits drinking a little too much!The English/Scottish/German was born and raised in Hove and has built a huge gaming follower base on Twitch and You Tube.He’s just one of a growing list of online influencers in Brighton & Hove, however he’s closer to my age than some of the other influencers, being born in 1986 (in case you wondered, I’m 1987).

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