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When he's not hosting nights for us you might see Charlie doing his day-job as a TV presenter.Just Google ' Charlie ladder incident' to see him on You Tube, you won't regret it.Choose an event with Joshua at the helm and you're in for a very entertaining night.Bubbly, vivacious, warm, and charming are all words that describe Mia to a tee.Kris is technical tour de force, a mathematical magician and a web wizard of the highest order and Andrew is very pleased to have someone of his coding calibre on the team.No amount of alliteration can fully sum up this man.Al is one of our newest additions to the Original Dating team and he's already an invaluable member.

Jake is born and raised in Derby but has recently moved to London which is great news for our events in the capital.

Since our launch​ the company has organised more than 6000 events and welcomed well over 250,000 clients.

Thousands of people have coupled up after attending our events and we've been responsible for a lot of weddings too.

He brings a warm, charismatic and friendly energy to our events. And he will walk 500 more to make your dating event the best ever.

His experience shows and over the years he's developed the ability to time a four minute date without using a stopwatch. Kris is the coding wiz behind the Original Dating website.

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