Psp anime dating sim

HYPER DIMENSION NEPTUNIA Again – not super filthy in terms of sexy games – but honest to goodness entry level fan service. And when you’re not revelling in up-skirt shots, you can marvel at how such a simple game can have such an appalling framerate.DEAD OR ALIVE EXTREME BEACH VOLLEYBALL Perhaps one of the first sexy games to bring shameless fan-service to mainstream gaming. I feel no shame in browsing Gelboru on public transport. and remember to remove all traces of sexy games from your history. It’s basically a match 3 puzzle dating sim – where you have to woo the ladies by stalking them around town, buying them gifts and chatting them up in bars.

It’s a shame this has no western release – mainly because, techically speaking it’s very solid is a genuinely interesting game (many RPG’s could learn from it) and is a triumph in elegant design. Well, I say ‘real’ – a console war where rival factions are actually fighting it out, with characters and worlds being fantasy representations of the real world consoles. As RPG’s go it’s actually not that great – meandering dialogue that doesn’t really go anywhere and, though conceptually, the design is pretty great, it’s all disappointingly menu-driven. There are a ton of clever references and nods to videogames past and present which are fun to uncover and the battle system is pretty awesome.

In between the, I have to say, gorgeous anime scenes and story bits – you have Vincents nightmares – which play out as challenging block puzzles.

It’s an odd fusion of styles, which, somehow, really works.

Since I originally wrote this article Dead or Alice Xtreme 3 has since been released – and as you can see form the screen above – It. Senran Kagura centers around the concept of two schools – one good, one bad, each full of super-hot girls fullfilling all the usual anime archetypes. Who accidentally gets hit by all of Cupids arrows (bear with me) the affect of which is that every single girl in school totally wants a piece of him. Their raging teenage hormones mean they’re utterly powerless to resist charging at him, giggling and demented – demanding to be taken into the deepest recesses of the school library for some excessive heavy petting. Our hero – that’s YOU – doesn’t want ALL the girls. Enter some pretty decent rail-gun gameplay – where instead of bullets you’re shooting love to a) keep the girls you don’t want at bay and b) score hits on the girls you want.

Oh yeah, and they’re secretly being trained in ninjitsu. There’s wrong with one of the game’s main features – the fact that as they fight, their clothes get ripped apart until they’re fighting in nothing more than their delicate skimpies. You’re a picky little douchebag who only wants one of a select few. Perhaps the most pervy this game gets is where you can enter Doki Doki mode – a kind of special mini-game where you have to touchto make sure they’re totally hot for you.

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