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I also started off that visit by going to the Sikh temple and making an offering at the temple.

Trust me, I was the only white dude in there and they all knew why I was there.

She also has an older sister who is divorced from an arranged marriage so that helped our cause.

Really awkward because the dad did not approve so her younger brother who was like 23 at the time had to play the role of the dad and give me the whole "what's your intentions for our daughter" talk.

While on one side we are saying that dating is essential in order to find the love of your life, on the other hand, we believe that love, at first sight, is equally special.

As we are talking about dating, do you know which kind of girls is best to date?

If I'm walking by myself and pass an Indian couple, the guy will attempt to stare me down. It gets even worse when I go out and run across a pack of Indians.

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I come from an Indian family, my mom's Sikh and my dad's Hindu, so they had familial conflicts also.

Yes yes, we all know that love is blind and that matches are made in heaven, blah blah – but what you cannot deny is that some societies and sects simply have the most date-able women!

I offered some direct support to the OP from this thread: Reddit/comments/gp5l0/im_dating_an_indian_girl_and_her_dad_wants_to/I get asked a lot of questions about being married into a fairly strict Sikh family so wanted to open up the floor to Reddit.

They can make you happy in the most adverse situation.

Dating a punjabi girl – So these were the reasons that you should date a Punjabi girl.

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