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Relationships require a lot of work and a lot of communication, but it can still be hard to understand what the other person is thinking.

This article can help you figure out where you stand in a romantic relationship with another person.

True marriage serves as a spiritual device for perfecting the full expression of souls and freeing them into God by proper union—a process of evolution through which souls projected away from God into creation would be brought back through restoration, realization, of their divine nature assisted by the companionship of the ideal helpmate.""Thus man and woman are the two natures of God—reason (knowledge) and feeling (consciousness, emotional reaction)—expressed on the material plane in differentiated bodies.

When each demands fulfillment from the other and that demand is not met, they become enemies.It is clear from Jesus' references to Genesis in these verses that he was citing the law of true soul mates, the immutable law of spiritual love, which should motivate all marriages.This was, as Jesus emphasized, the divine law "at the beginning": that for every true man there was a true woman, and each one who lived rightly on earth would automatically be drawn together in soul-companionship with a mate bythe operation and decree of this law.When two souls come together and bring out the wholeness in each other and ultimately unite with Spirit, that union is a true marriage between soul mates.Soul companions, being primarily united in Spirit and love, find the ever new joy of God as the breath of their existence.

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