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Maby he’s trying to see if you notice and actually like talking to him. Maby ask him if he’s mad at you, don’t be scared to ask him.Maby he really likes you but doesn’t know how to say it.If he starts talking to you agen and starts flirting with you agen, maby you should make the first move and probably ask him out, don’t be scared to make the first move. That will be awsome if you reply to me and tell me how it goes.❤️❤️Elle So, I've had a crush on this boy, with which I'm really good friends, for about three years.

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People would randomly ask him if he liked my and they told me he said yes. 5 th grade rolled along and we weren’t in the same class so I didn’t talk to him as much as usual. Then randomly when ever I saw him he would randomly stare at me and not stop. I thought it was weird, but I thought nothing of it. This result says I’m g2g and he’s the perfect match I’m just 12 rather turned on April 18 and idc I love him 💖 and he likes me back he always looks at me and when I’m wrong corrects me and when someone tried to bring me down he protected me he fought that other person he respects me unlike other women but he also teases me a lot I mean and then compliments me I catch him staring like all the time and I drop signs too I look back C: Rahim I love you 😍 and I will always remember you although I know you’re moving out but god will have surprises in store for me and what if we meet further in the future huh! I really thought so a few weeks away when we were doing something in our Bible Study class where we had to draw our dreamhouse.I will always love and remember you and 2019 I’m ready for changes! When he described his, there was a part that went like this:"And our bedrooms by the video game room so we can hear our kids sneaking up to play." Teacher: "Who's 'we'?

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