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If you want a relationship, make it clear and go for it.A new relationship is exciting, scary and often unpredictable.If you are incompatible, it is better to go your separate ways respectfully sooner rather than later.If you get along well and are both ready for a more serious relationship, you might decide to make a commitment to each other.Even on Tinder (the supposed downfall of our generation), more people say they're looking for a relationship than a hookup.There’s no magic formula or crazy trick to finding a relationship. But there are some things you can do to improve your odds of playing for keeps: Do you have interests (beyond drinking and “The Bachelor”)?At this point, the relationship is likely not exclusive, and both partners are evaluating whether they want to move forward with this person. Enjoy your time together while learning how you handle conflicts and other issues together.Many people stop seeing each other during the noncommittal phase.

You don’t get what you want by waiting around and hoping it will happen. (Unfortunately, life just doesn’t work like that.)Relationships are a two way street, and it has to work out for both parties.Don’t agree to a hookup if you know you'll get hurt.Know what matters to you, and don’t accept anything less than what you want. This is the most important, but also the most feared step.Do you sit in a cubicle all day complaining about your life, or do you actually do things to better yourself?It doesn’t matter what your interests are, but you should have something you care about that enriches your life.

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