Rihanna dating kanye west

She said: “If anything we try to tone it down so we don’t seem crazy.

But this series I really struggled.” Teasing drama to come, she added: “Kourtney was driving me crazy.” Kim also backtracked on her recent comment that she would consider a move into politics after visiting Donald Trump in the White House to appeal for his help in freeing first-time drug offender Alice Johnson from jail.

Over the years Kim has become well-known for her selfie taking, including naked ones of herself and has admitted in the past she can take up to 30 in a row to get the perfect shot.

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When his producer asked for a picture with her she refused, saying: “I don’t take selfies anymore, I don’t really like them anymore.

KANYE West can't keep his eyes off Rihanna's jiggling booty in an hilarious viral clip.

The rapper's wife Kim Kardashian, 37, cut short a Snapchat recording after noticing Kanye's eyes were glued to the singer.

We’d email each other different garments that we liked.

That’s how we became friends and super close.” Not to mention the fact that Kanye West thinks she’s incredibly talented and signed her to his label!

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