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In a relationship, I’m always wondering if I’m doing “it” right.I always worry that my partner isn’t happy because I’m not happy.I don’t understand why we have to be together all the time, and I begin to wish they would leave me alone.Even the most accommodating relationship left me feeling frustrated and tied down by the label “girlfriend.”Being in a relationship was like being in a cage where each day chipped away at who I was and how much I could stand, even when I loved the person I was with.I steadily get more depressed as the relationship goes on, despite loving the person I’m with.I don’t understand why my partners get upset with me for doing my own thing.What a lot of people don’t realize is how it feels to be an aromantic person who’s in a romantic relationship. I like helping people and it makes me feel happy to see others happy.

At one point, I even started taking anti-depressants in the hopes that those feelings would disappear. And then, someone would talk to my partner and warn them that I wasn’t satisfied.This article is about a type of emotional attachment.For the modern popular-fiction genre, see Romance novel.A lot of people assume that this means I can’t be loving, friendly, or even sociable.A lot of people also assume that I’m a prude and a whiny “trend follower” by being openly aro.

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