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Once we have a reference to the Text Box, we set the new last name and save the changes (through the Submit Changes method).

When a Bound Field is displaying data (not in edit mode), the appropriate text is added to the Text property of the appropriate cell.

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Western culture is all about individualism, self-promotion, aggressive, extroverted networking, and asserting yourself by displaying alpha traits.

I think every Asian American who grew up in an enclave remembers that moment when they first realized that the rest of the country sees you as For me, it was my senior year in high school, when my friends and I went to Venice Beach, a popular tourist destination, just 30 miles or so from our hometown.

Our video sections: Nude Beach, Beach Cabin, Locker Room, Upskirt, Spy Camera, WC, Shower Room.For the Template Field, we do know the ID of the control since we specified it in the markup, so we obtain a reference to it by calling Find Control on the appropriate row of the Grid View.The Grid View Row is the naming container for the Text Box in this case, so we need to call Find Control on the appropriate row, but we do not need to call it on the specific cell.Love your parents and forgive them for not being perfect, but realize that this kind of conditioning has been holding you back, and start to undo it for yourself.If you want to open up a tutoring academy or manage a Korean BBQ/Pho/Sushi/Chinese Buffet restaurant for the rest of your life, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

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