Sam and rebecca beauty and the geek dating

She calls him a hypocrite since he hasn’t been making an effort with her either.Hollie, similarly, feels Rebecca is a hypocrite, since she’s not focused on her transformation and is more concerned with Sam.#comments .singlecomment #comments .singlecomment #comments .singlecomment a #comments .singlecomment img #comments .singlecomment em #comments .singlecomment strong #comments .singlecomment .image #comments .singlecomment .image img #comments .singlecomment .right #comments .singlecomment .right .

"I really don't want you to have that what i had, quin".

These are two pretty strong teams, so at least some good will come out of it since having one of them gone will help, though whichever girl survives will be out for blood, not just because they were sent but also because they were sent against a good friend. Erin gets the first question correct, as does Hollie.

Erin also gets the second question correct, and so does Hollie.

In Beauty and the Geek 4 episode 2, Sam escaped the axe, which few people were happy about.

Tony and Amanda ended up getting eliminated, which was pretty much expected since Tony was so shy and didn’t seem able to overcome it. She dares Sam to do a stripper dance for Nicole, but she says it’s uncomfortable, so he does it for the beauties.

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